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Based in Los Angeles, Aaron Weinstein is a Lecturer in Sport Psychology within the Kinesiology Department at Cal State Northridge (CSUN).


After receiving a M.A. in Sport Psychology from John F. Kennedy University in 2011, he has been teaching classes and training athletes in the mental skills necessary for high performance.

Consulting experience involves a wide range of clientele, including NCAA Division I teams and athletes (baseball, basketball, and volleyball), Olympic hopeful gymnasts, high-school teams (soccer and lacrosse), weight-loss clients, and professional poker players. Worked exclusively with the CSUN Baseball Program from 2015-2019.


Every athlete needs an edge. Performance coaching is all about training you in the mental skills needed to give you that edge. Whether it be improving your ability to focus, overcoming failure, developing a better pre-game routine, or handling pressure, we all can benefit from learning these strategies.  


One-on-one meetings. 

Skills training specific to you as a player. 


High-performance assessment and developmental plan.

Counseling for on and off-field situations.


Practice and game observations.


Team and position-specific meetings.


Training tools such as breathing, imagery, goal-setting, and routines.


Team chemistry analysis, leadership development, and a winning mindset.


Practice and game observations.



“Working with ‘Doc’ on my mental game dramatically improved my performance on the field. He brings a unique blend of creativity, passion, and a sharp mind to the table. I highly recommend working with him.”

Branden Berry

Drafted in 2016 by the Miami Marlins

“Coach W provides a perspective unlike any other around a baseball field. Whether it’s a body language adjustment, a mental cue, or a new approach, he can help athletes at every level reach their maximum potential. An aspiring professional needs a professional brain at the helm.”

Kenny Rosenberg

Drafted in 2016 by the Tampa Bay Rays

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